Monday, August 5, 2013

Turra: Gun Angel becomes live action!

[random somebody]:  so, janet, what did you do over the weekend?
[moi]:  oh, you know, watched a live-action movie short get made of 1 of our comic book characters.  *shrugs*

... i mean, who gets to really say that???  well, yeah, me.

we went from this...

inked cover
full blown colors. Turra: Gun Angel - "Utsu" (which means 'to shoot' in japanese)

to this...

from our indygogo campaign in march 2013.
& then to this... 

Turra Gun Angel - "Utsu" live action promo poster w/ actress rachel alig.

greg gray, the man w/ the camera.

pop!  pop!  pop!
dance scene.

montrel grant as a heavy w/ Turra creator martheus wade.
our cosplaying Turra & Jetta, micah & sara, add to the club scene's ambience.

Turra & uber-Toshigawa fan, michael armstrong.
this is interesting. zach wheeler (the hacker/hostage), john dylan atkins (a nervous baddie), & rachel alig (Turra).

hostage scene!
Turra (rachel alig), marcus kent hamson, alexandra wolfe.
eric crimmins (the skinny pimp himself) & Turra.
getting a touch up from blake.

uh oh. someone's about to get shot.
of course the car's white.  can't break up the white theme we have going, sheesh!

so much fun was had.  no egos.  no attitudes.  no mishaps.

& now a few words of thanks & appreciation from mr. wade:

"We want to take this moment to thank every donor, every supporter, every single person who helped us make this past weekend a success. Shooting this weekend was exciting, adventurous, and very fun. Without Team Turra behind us, none of this would have been possible. But don't think the Turra ride ends here, folks. We will be packaging up incentives this week and shipping them. As well, Marshal Pictures will be editing and prepping the scene for release! Be on the lookout for that one!! We still need the excitement and enthusiasm that you brought to this project when the release of the short hits the web in order to turn heads for phase 2... FEATURE PRODUCTION. With that said, tell everyone you know about the awesomeness of Turra: Gun Angel. We will need everyone to spread the word! Thanks guys! There is more to come!"