Wednesday, May 30, 2012

children of ang-kor

"children of ang-kor" progressions, from pencil sketches, to inks, to photoshopped colors & shading.

my tcat oc's (yes, i was obsessed).  done in 2007, when the NEW tcat show was but a rumor whispered in  secret hallways of the internetz...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


so aside from may 5th being cinco de mayo, it was also what's known in the realm of comic books as FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  yes, that magical time of year where comic book fans bumrush their local comic book shops & score free books, maybe meet an artist or 2, & make geeky purchases.  :)  it's almost like christmas, except there's not pesky wrapping paper to keep you from your stuff.

mr. wade & i were invited to lexington's collectibles etc for their fcbd event.  we got to hang out w/ Action Lab Comics' very own shawn pryor (always fun) & met w/ some awesome fans.  well, here, i'll let the pix do the talking...

the cool kids' table.

princeless!!!  i <3 this series.  :)

free cd w/ 200+ pgs of previews from Action Lab

they had cake!

we had a staring contest.  i won when i ate him.


young & spry cap'n.

tressa bowling & her Jetta chibi sketch.