Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turra: Gun Angel indygogo campaign

my husband & i have launched an Turra: Gun Angel indygogo campaign.  spread the word.  check out our site.  & don't forget to donate & help us out.  :)

Short Summary...
Marshal Pictures and MAW Productions are teaming up to bring the comic book character Turra : Gun Angel to a screen near you!

Turra has been raised as a ninja assassin and is burnt out on the endless training and constant killing. She leaves Japan to become a bounty hunter in America.

After the particularly brazen extraction of a target from a night club, Turra is visited by an elder member of the Japanese Mafia who offers her a job she can't refuse.

Being Turra, however, she does refuse and she soon lands in the middle of Yakuza Civil War!

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