Wednesday, June 13, 2012

superman celebration 2012 & 10yr anniversary

2 things happened over this past weekend.

the 1st was superman celebration. 

each & every summer we look forward to attending superman celebration in metropolis, il (or as 1 friend calls it, "the trop".  seriously.).  this yr was no different, was...different.  this time, the boy came w/ us!  (dun dun duuuuunnnnn!!!)

because of this, i had to trade in most of the MAW Productions booth time for mommy duties.  which was ok, except for the times anakin got a little too excited &, well, let's just say he got into more trouble this past weekend than in the whole 3 yrs of his life.  :/  but it's ok.  he's only 3 & has the attention span of a cat.  there were times i had to take him away from the celebration & go to a park down the street so he could run around & get it all out of his system.  as long as he had fun, rt?  rt!

but we were all happy to see old friends & hang out & eat deliciously bad consession stand food & appreciate all the cool costumes & get sunburns.  let's take a gander @ the festivities, shall we?

the boy & i @ lambert's, on the way to "the trop".

outside lambert's. put more quarters in it! it'll go faster.

an updated pic on the horsey. in 2009, anakin was on this same horse. i'll have to find that pic...
yeah, i don't know either...

the riley's w/ george perez.  gotta love his seizure inducing shirts.

richard, superman, & Turra.  1 of these things is not like the others...

Super Mule!!!  in front of the MAW Productions booth.

marco, choppin it up.

kevin & a sketch for a fan.

eating artery clogging consession stand pizza. mmmmm.

w/ wonder woman (margie cox) & green lantern (michael cox).

w/ green arrow.  this guy's the BEST green arrow i've ever seen.

you know we had to be in front of the huge superman statue.

& what about the 2nd thing that happened?

antone & i celebrated 10yrs of marital bliss.  that's rt.  on june 8th, 2002, @ around 2:30 pm, me & the flavor o' my life sealed the deal in a hot church (ac broke down) in front of family & friends.

& how did we celebrate?  on june 8th, 2012, at around 2:30pm, my husband & i were performing in a Super Mule puppet show w/ the guy who should've been the best man 10yrs ago, kevin williams.  that may sound corny & strange to some, but i thought it was perfect.  we were together (how many couples can even boast THAT, huh?), we were happy, we were doing something we liked doing, & we were w/ friends.  & bam, there ya go.

06.08.02 - "i promise to love, honor, cherish, & ink whatever it is you pencil."